Mission Statement

City of Augusta is developing a detailed corridor plan and implementation program for a Priority Development Corridor, which is a 4.5 mile north-south “spine” in the core of the city. This spine runs from downtown to the vacant Regency Mall area along 15th Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and Deans Bridge Road. This project, called The Augusta Sustainable Development Implementation Program, entails four interrelated initiatives:

  1. Creating a detailed plan and implementation program for a cluster of transit-oriented development neighborhoods along the corridor
  2. Developing a detailed plan for a multi-modal transportation corridor
  3. Revising current codes to facilitate higher-density, mixed-use and mixed-income development
  4. Creating an implementation plan for green, affordable housing in this corridor

4 responses to “Mission Statement

  1. I applaud your focusing in on this area! It contains the neighborhoods where Castleberry Foods unemployed residents (500) and US Filter (1853 Milledgeville Rd) unemployed residents (300) live as well! Breathing life back into this area is vitally important!! I work in Commercial Real Estate, at the ‘ground level’, with Population Characteristics and their impact on the Commercial Markets! Looking forward to meeting you this afternoon. David C Penix, CCIM, 706 495 5330

  2. T R Reddy

    I just saw this after reading something again today in the news paaper. David, this plan if I recall was unveieled by an Architectural firm couple of years ago, an d presented to the public at Augusta tech. Not sure why it’s repeating again. Also I remember them telling at that time that the city has funds to set aside to acquire properties. As starter why does not the city buy Regency mall and demolish which is an eye sore, if it is included in the plan

    • The Augusta Sustainable Development Plan studied a much larger area within the City/County. It was used to secure funding for this project, which is a detailed study of a smaller area focusing on implementation. We will recommend strategies to the City about Regencey Mall.

      Adam Williamson, Principal, AICP, PLA, LEED AP
      TSW community design & architecture

  3. Alicia

    If we are complaining about the unemployed people that are down in this area why is all the jobs that are in this area for people who live in other areas. we need to focus on what the real problem is in the first place cause its people who own thier homes in this area and just cause thier homes don’t fit the “New Augusta” its bad and the people need to leave. I admit we do need to clean up the place get all these abandoned houses and other property taken care of but the reason it is the way it is is cause of our “BAD APPLES” having no job,no worries of paying bills and standing on their own feet. we have alot of Public Housing in this area and not all the people who stay in it are lazy just people needing help. But when we can put our heads together and find a soultion to this then we can make the problem area look better. Untill them it will be a waste of time cause its going to get right back the same way, or we will be putting together another Sustainable Development.

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